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Top Reasons Why Good Posture Matters

1. Improves mood and boosts energy

It’s no secret that your brain and your body have a two-way connection. When it comes to most of our bodily functions, if there are issues going on in your body, then more often than not, your brain will also be affected, and vice versa.

Slouching generally makes you appear unhappy or lacking confidence, directly sending signals to your brain that this is how you feel. But the good news is, reversing that will have the opposite effect! This little trick will help you to boost your mood in a matter of seconds.

Energy levels are also affected by how you carry yourself throughout the day. Posture has a direct link to the amount of oxygen supplied to your muscles, so ensuring to make a habit of practising good posture, will in turn increase the oxygen in your muscles, helping with recovery time and overall fitness and strength.


2. Improves work efficiency

As well as providing ample oxygen to your muscles, good posture also helps to provide oxygen to your brain. This will help with blood circulation, improving your brain’s neurones ability to make important connections. Basically, this means that your brain will work faster, you’ll have less brain fog, feel more motivated and overall become a more productive worker!


3. Aids in digestion of food and proper breathing

Slouching causes your body to be in an abnormal position, which can cause problems with various abdominal organs. Hunching over at your desk or while staring down at your phone while you eat may obstruct digestion, putting you at risk of acid reflux and constipation.

If you sometimes get heartburn after you eat, sitting up straight during and after mealtimes may provide some much-needed relief.


4. Slows the ageing of bones

Developing a habit of constant poor posture (always hunched over) causes excessive strain on your muscles and vertebrae, which over time can cause a minor wedge shape deformation of the vertebra, resulting in a hunch back later in life.

Good posture will also help to create space in between the joints of your spine, creating room for synovial fluid (joint fluid) production, an important element in ensuring healthy ageing bones.


This may sound a bit scary, but don’t stress! There are many things you can do to ensure this won’t happen to you in future. Starting with a great posture corrector and making sure to look after your body with exercise, stretching and proper nutrition will create great habits to carry on with later in life.