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3 Surprising Risks From Poor Posture

Posture has such a diverse effect on both your physical and mental well-being, often in ways that we wouldn’t even think about when living our day-to-day lives. Correct posture is not only important for how we look and carry ourselves aesthetically, but also for many other reasons that may often get overlooked! Here are three surprising risks that you may be taking, while practising poor posture, and what you can do to fix it. 1. Lack of Motivation The amount of oxygen delivered to your brain is directly correlated to your body’s current position or posture. Poor posture reduces the amount of blood flow to your brain, resulting in less oxygen which helps us concentrate and stay motivated for longer periods...

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5 Posture Damaging Habits (you may not even realise you’re doing!)

1. Working for hours without a break It’s no secret that working at your desk for long periods of time without a break can cause terrible back and neck pain, but did you know that this habit can also be detrimental to your posture in the long run? Posture is like a muscle that you have to train, so if you are training it to be hunched over a desk all day long, without getting up and stretching, or going for a walk, this posture will eventually become your new normal. To avoid these long-term issues, for every hour that you're sitting or working, get up and do some stretches to re-set your body. 2. Driving for hours without a break Driving...

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Can Bad Posture be Causing You Digestion Issues?

There’s nothing worse than finishing a delicious meal only to be punished by your body afterwards in the form of ingestion, acid reflux or terrible stomach pains. If you’re someone who struggles with digestion issues, it’s more than likely you’ve searched high and low for anything to help, so we are here to suggest an alternative solution may have not thought of before. Your posture! How you sit throughout your day, whether that be working, relaxing or eating, has a direct impact on the functionality of your gut. Slouching over from your stomach while you eat, or for long periods of time throughout the day, can lead to feelings like being bloated, gassy or cramped. This can be caused by...

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The 5 BEST things you can do for your posture

ONE - Have an ergonomic workspace Your screen should be set up at eye level so you’re not looking down or up. Using a laptop stand or stack of books works great, or if using a monitor make sure its on a high enough setting. If you have no other option than to use your laptop on your lap, a lap table or even a high pillow will make a difference. As well as your head position, your arm position is also important. When sitting at your desk, reach your arms out straight so that they touch your screen, now when you bring them back they will be in the correct place for your keyboard (approx. 90degrees). TWO - Balance of low...

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The Relationship Between Lower Back Pain and Posture

Do you suffer from persistent lower back pain? Or feel it nagging you every now and then but you can’t seem to find a way to get rid of it? After trying all of the pain killers and home remedies you can think of, improving your posture might just be that golden ticket you've been looking for. All day long our spines are being loaded with pressure from sitting and standing, causing your back's complex network of muscles, discs, and joints to be frequently under stress. Stress can be a great thing as it makes us physically stronger, but it’s important to know the difference between good stress and bad stress in order to not cause damage and therefore pain....

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