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The 5 BEST things you can do for your posture

ONE - Have an ergonomic workspace

Your screen should be set up at eye level so you’re not looking down or up. Using a laptop stand or stack of books works great, or if using a monitor make sure its on a high enough setting. If you have no other option than to use your laptop on your lap, a lap table or even a high pillow will make a difference.

As well as your head position, your arm position is also important. When sitting at your desk, reach your arms out straight so that they touch your screen, now when you bring them back they will be in the correct place for your keyboard (approx. 90degrees).

TWO - Balance of low and high-intensity impact exercise

Balancing low and high-impact exercise will send our bones the message to grow properly, which will benefit your posture both now and in future.

Walking is a great low-intensity exercise to build and maintain strong bones. As little as 1km a day can make a great difference.

High-intensity such as resistance training helps bones grow stronger, and denser, making them better equipped to tolerate greater forces without being injured.

THREE - Drink enough water

This one may seem a little strange but water has been proven to benefit your joints and the flexibility of the tissues that surround your spine. Drinking enough water helps your spine's cushioning become stronger, which will improve your posture. Water is essential for discs to preserve the fluid surrounding your spine, also known as synovial fluid.

FOUR - Do posture improving stretches

At Posture Pal we believe stretching can help with (almost) anything. We’ve got heaps of great stretching videos for posture over on our Instagram, check them out here!


 FIVE - Invest in a good quality posture corrector

Posture correctors are designed to train both your body and brain to practise good posture, which eventually will become a subconscious habit. Like any sort of stretching or exercise training, you can’t expect to be perfect on the first go. Over time, with practice and consistency, muscle memory will kick in and it will become second nature! Check out our most popular posture corrector here!