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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen or heard about the new ‘posture correctors’ and are wondering, “will they actually help me improve my posture?” Short answer, yes! And here is why!

Posture Corrector

In a world where most of us spend a lot of time either looking down at our phones, or hunched over a desk all day, bad posture is becoming increasingly more prevalent. So companies, like New Zealand’s Posture Pal, decided to help everyone out in training our bodies to have great posture again 😊

So how do they work?

Posture correctors are designed to train both your body and brain, to practise good posture, which eventually will become a subconscious habit. Like any sort of stretching or exercise training, you can’t expect to be perfect on the first go. Over time, with practice and consistency, muscle memory will kick in and it will become second nature!

Sitting or standing hunched over all day overstretches your back and neck muscles, while leaving your abdominal muscles weak and disengaged. A posture corrector works by pulling your back and neck muscles back and together, engaging those core muscles, and over time, strengthening them like any other resistance training you might do at the gym!

Posture Corrector

But will my body become reliant on a posture corrector?

By using a posture corrector properly, your body won’t become reliant on it but instead be a training vessel to help your body to know how to have good posture, with or without the corrector.

At Posture Pal, we know as well as anyone that no matter how hard you try to remember to sit or stand up straight, it’s really easy to forget and fall back into a hunched position without even noticing. That is where a posture corrector comes in. By wearing the Pro or Flexi for just 15 minutes at a time, and around 3-4 times per day, your body will start to get used to what this good posture feels like (all the while, making those muscles stronger) and you’ll eventually have great posture, both with a corrector and on your own!

Should I continue to wear one even after my posture is fixed?

It’s a good idea to keep that muscle memory strong, even after you’ve got this posture thing pretty down-pact. It’s important to know that the process will be different for everyone, but if you listen to and understand your body well, you will know when you have achieved your ideal posture. Once this has happened, Posture Pal recommends still wearing your posture corrector at least once a day, try for the first half-hour in the morning, just to make sure you keep that muscle memory sharp! 

So what are you waiting for? Start training your posture!

Posture Pal Correctors to get started with: Pro, Flexi

Posture Pal ProPosture Pal Flexi